Can I come to Physio without seeing my doctor first?

Yes. We screen your medical history and ask you specific questions to determine whether we need to involve your GP or other health professionals in your care. If we feel Physiotherapy is not appropriate we will advise who you should consult.

My injury was caused by an accident but I haven’t filled out an ACC claim form. Can I still come to physio?

Yes, if your injury was caused by an accident in the past 12 months we can lodge your ACC claim for you. You will hear from ACC within 10 working days of us applying to inform you of whether they have accepted the claim.

I’m not covered by ACC, can you still see me?

Definitely. We can see you privately – this will involve a full charge as we are not subsidised by the government. See our Rates page for a list of Private Charges

How often will I need to come?

This will depend on your type of injury / condition and how long you’ve had it. It may also be determined by your lifestyle and where you live. You should start to notice an improvement with your problem within 3-4 treatments – your physiotherapist will guide you with what to expect at your first consultation.

What should I bring with me?

Bring any referral note or letter you may have from your doctor, surgeon or referring health professional. If you have an ACC number bring this along with your date injury. Come dressed accordingly – we will need to see the area that’s giving you problems so clothes that are easy to slip on and off are helpful.

Do I need to join a class to learn some Pilates?

No, we can teach you the basics at a private physiotherapy consultation. This is often a good idea if you have had problems with your spine so we can check you can do the basics safely. It is then often helpful to move to the class situation to progress your exercises and maintain your motivation.

Can I purchase physio products from you?

Yes! We have a variety of braces and supports, strapping tape, formthotics, orthotic jandels as well as two varieties of rub, EBalm and Sports Rehab Rub. You do not need to be a patient of ours to purchase any of these products, but as we like to ensure you have the correct product to suit your needs please be aware you may have to wait until a physiotherapist is free to help you. If we do not have the product to suit you on hand we can always order it in for you at your cost.

Useful Links

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